Tarin is an international yoga consultant and teacher who works with luxury hotels, spas and resorts to develop profitable wellness programs and retreats for guests. As a lifelong student and teacher of movement, she hosts Afrobeats Yoga events, retreats, classes, workshops and corporate wellness trainings around the world.


Yoga for any event. Any body. Any time.



Whether you need help starting yoga, bringing wellness to your work environment or expanding your practice, I have you covered...
Yoga Retreats, Workshops & Events
Yoga & Movement Classes for events, festivals, retreats and corporate environments. Experience expert level attention and curation with focus on stress reduction, strength & tone, improved flexibility.
Private Coaching

How about a private online yoga class with full attention to your wellness needs? Do you invest as much interest and undivided attention in your body and mind as in your latest smart phone? When did you update or renew yourself? Discover what a private yoga therapy session can do for you.

Yoga and Wellness Consultancy
Consultancy for luxury hotels, resorts, spas and corporate clients to create profitable wellness and yoga programs for clients and employees.


Yoga essentials. Life hacks. Breathing tips. Travel advice. Everything in between.
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